Dialogue - Chez le médecin

Here are links to some past papers which you can practise at home:
2006 Higher Reading
2006 Foundation Reading
2006 Reading mark scheme
2006 Higher Writing
2006 Foundation Writing
2006 Writing mark scheme
2007 Higher Reading
2007 Foundation Reading
2007 Reading mark scheme
2007 Higher Writing
2007 Foundation writing
2007 Writing mark scheme

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Watch the video to revise daily routine in French

This page is specifically for Year 11 students. We will continue to use Metro Rouge as our main course source but we will use many other resources during the year.


Autumn Term Topics:

1) Bienvenue en France

Describing your house
Discussing music, media, television, books, magazines, and music
Going out, making complaints

2) En bonne forme
Food: likes and dislikes
Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles
Talking about illness and accidents
Discussing addiction

Click this link to find some excellent video resources from Ashcombe School
There are some good resources here to help with French GCSE revision MFLSunderland
You can find some excellent resources here for the speaking exam from Millthorpe School
Sound file with key vocab for the speaking exam

Click here for full screen version

9th October 2009
Complete the exercises using être verbs in the passé composé
Finish the exercises anout television programmes
2nd October 2009
Learn the irregular verbs on the vocab sheet for 9th October
25th September 2009
Learn the MRSVANDERTRAMP verbs for a test on 2nd October

18th September 2009
Complete the written work left in Mr McGladdery's absence for Tuesday 22nd September.

11th September 2009 Homework. Due in 18th September
1) Learn the vocabulary from page 132 for a test
2) Prepare a one minute speech in French about your bedroom "Ma chambre"

4th September 2009 Homework. Due in 11th September
1) Learn the vocabulary from page 128 for a test
2) Write a detailed description of your house in French