Year 10 will be following the new AQA GCSE course. The syllabus can be found here:

The text book you will be using is LOGO 4. You will get your own personal copy to use during the course.

Autumn Term Topics

  • Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles and their consequences
  • Relationships and choices
  • Future plans concerning marriage and partnerships
  • Social issues and equality

Click this link to find some excellent video resources from Ashcombe School.

There are also lots of resources here to help you with GCSE German. MFLSunderland .
You can find some excellent resources here for the speaking exam from Millthorpe School

The Dustbin Game: Click start, then proceed to play. Use the mouse to drag and drop the verbs into the correct bin.

Click here for full screen version

1980s style arcade games: body parts

Click here for full screen version