Title : Ma famille et moi

Write a description of yourself and your family in French.
Success Criteria
  • Give your name
  • Say your age and you birthday
  • Where you live
  • Write about the members of your family. Who they are and their names.
  • Write about your pets if you have any or say you don’t have any.

This work is to be handed in the week beginning 25th January 2010.
It can be done in your green book, on a computer or on paper.
You can either give it to your teacher or email it to:

This academic year the Year 7 pupils will be studying French. They will sometimes use the text book Avance 1.

Year 7 topics:

  • Greetings
  • Classroom vocabulary
  • Numbers
  • Animals
  • Days and months
  • Colours
  • Hobbies
  • Descriptions and opinions
  • My family
  • Countries and Nationalities
Click on the file to watch 3 bird puppets saying the alphabet in French.

Dustbin game. Click on PROCEED and use your mouse to drag the nouns into the correct bin.

Click here for full screen version

This academic year your independent study is due in on the following dates:

  • Week beginning 12th October 2009
  • Week beginning 25th January 2010
  • Week beginning 10th May 2010
You will also be expected to learn vocabulary for homework and will have regular tests during the year.

Assessment week starts on 14th June 2010.

7th September 2009
Year 7 poster competition
"10 reasons why you should learn a foreign language"

Closing date for entries Tuesday 15th September
Hand in your poster to either Mr McGladddery or Mr Liddle or email it to:

All the vocabulary you need to learn for Unit 1 can be downloaded here: