Independent study task

To be handed in the week beginning 4th January 2010
TOPIC: Home life , hobbies, and freetime.
Writing task – Title: Meine Familie und meine Freizeit
Success criteria: Write a letter or email to a German friend telling them the following information:

  • Describe yourself (appearance and personality).
  • Describe your family (appearance and personality).
  • Describe any pets you may have (appearance & age).
  • Say what you do in your freetime..
  • Describe which activities you like and don’t like to do and why.
  • Say what your favourite activity is.
  • Ask him/her some questions about his/her hobbies and interests.
  • This piece of work can be hand written or word processed. You can either hand it in to your teacher or email it to:

Writing the date in German. Watch and learn. writing dates in German by dmcg

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Some new games for German:


Watch the video. What are the robots talking about?

Year 8 will continue to study German and will be using Echo 1 text book.

This academic year your independent study is due in on the following dates:

  • Week beginning 21st September 2009
  • Week beginning 4th January 2010
  • Week beginning 19th April 2010
You will also be expected to learn vocabulary for homework and will have regular tests during the year.

Assessment week starts on 14th June 2010.

Topics for Year 8
  • Family and friends
  • Describing people (physically and their characteristics)
  • Sports
  • Hobbies
  • Future plans
  • Favourite things