Thinking of taking French GCSE? Why bother learning a language?
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Watch the movie to help with your homework.

Quite soon you will be choosing your options.
Learning another language is very important as the clip below shows:

Year 9 will be continuing with French this year. They will be starting a GCSE course using Metro Vert.

The topics you will be studying are:
  • Describing your school
  • Talking about the school rules
  • Giving opinions
  • Describing people's looks and characteristics
  • Free-time and hobbies
  • Meeting people
  • Jobs and professions
  • Future plans
  • Town and country
  • The environment and pollution

Homework tasks
25th September: learn the words for clothes for a spelling test on 1st October
11th September: Complete the worksheet exercises for 15th September

4th September: Learn the words for school subjects for a spelling test on 10th September